cobra G.E.X 9500

Geophysical treasure hunter and Cobra 9500 gold treasure hunter use different functional modes .

Which can be used for special underground research. Depending on your personal needs, one of the following operating modes will work:

Magnetometer (tracking of magnetic metals) Ground scanning (creating color representations of the basement in three dimensions)

Discrimination (Metal Discrimination: Precious Metals / Basic Metals) Metal Detector (Metal Discrimination: Gold, Silver, Iron and Aluminum)

Live Thermo Scan (Thermo Scan) (3D Infrared Scanning) .

The integrated SKS receiver refers any recorded measurement to its appropriate measured area.

If you don’t know exactly where the measurement was made, the Gold Treasure Model 9500 cobra is able to guide you to the right place.

Optional accessories for specialization .
Using various antennas, the cobra 9500 metal detector can be optimized for specific purposes

Tunnel sensor (antenna for tunnel and hole detection) DDV system (antenna for metal discrimination) for distinguishing between gold, silver, iron and aluminum .

For high-resolution ground-level scans in 3D Livestreamsensor for live display of buried objects
FS-Thermoscan for creating three-dimensional infrared images.
Livestream Livestreamsensor sensor instantly displays hidden objects.

As soon as you transfer the antenna to an object, it will be shown in the Earth Imager 9500 video glasses. Search the gallery with 3D ground scanner and tunnel antenna.

This measurement was done to search for the hidden gallery.

Another gallery can be seen in the entrance photo.

The owner of the land wanted to know if there were any other hidden galleries in the vicinity of this well-known gallery where the possible targets are hidden.

General description cobra G.E.X 9500

Useful depth : 8 meter .

Identification power : Underground holes , Underground rooms and all metals .

This setting has special settings to find the target .

It has a fast receiver and transmitter for sending and receiving images, so you can see the received images at the same time as the monitor procedure.



It has two sensors for ground scanning and environmental balancing so that it can provide better quality images to its users than other scanners.

It has accurate point detection and can identify the exact location of the hole and chamber .

The ability to detect soil layers is another feature of this system .



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