Experience the tremendous transformation in the treasure industry with the S16 NJN Series
In addition to the depth performance of up to 3 meters below ground level, you can focus on the Gold- and Treasure effects in this series with the accuracy of FGM sensors, as the accuracy of these metals is increased. The technology uses advanced sensors such as the ability to detect small objects such as coins or gold coins buried even near the surface. . All 16 sensors, the S16 Professional, are lightweight and portable and work with a Windows tablet. All measured data are analyzed with XL16 software. That enables the work to move to any side it wishes and the slope is no longer present
FGM S 15 NJN Ground Scanner Operation Modes Both ground (vertical, horizontal) and wall scanning functions can be explored.
Perform a 3D graphical measurement for detailed analysis on a computer with live (vertical) acoustic magnetic field measurement to detect ferrous metals. Dimensions control (length, diameter): 950 mm, 80.65 mm Weight: about 1kg Protection class: IP40 Working time (internal battery): Approx. 12 hours charging time on all types of terrain from mountain forest to humid agriculture, salt marsh, salt lime, etc. You can easily operate automatically without manual interference because of 4 filters and automatic filter sensors Self-balancing and charging (Internal battery): Approx. ۴ Input Hour (Charger Socket): 19V DC / 3.16A Main CPU / CPU: Cortex M3, 32MHz
CPU / Slave CPU: Cortex M0, 24 MHz Sensor Technology: FGM .I S16- Coil Technology: SRIS-18K Sample Rate: 1024 Values Per Measurement Resolution: 16-bit Operating Temperature: -10 – 60 ° C Storage Temperature : -20 – 70 ° C Sound: Bluetooth Headphones Air Condition: 5% – 75% Waterproof: No Wireless Data Transfer Technology: Bluetooth Frequency Range: 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz Maximum Transfer Rate: 1 Mbps Sensitivity: -85 dBm Max. : About 10m computer, minimum required
CD-ROM drive (internal or external): minutes. 4x Interface (Data Transfer): USB Free Disk Space: 50 MB of RAM (min): min. 256 MB
Graphics Machine: 128 MB Minutes, OpenGL Compatible: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Delivery of Bluetooth Headset Control Unit
“3D” Dongle Bluetooth Software User Guide Windows Tablet PC and 4-Year Warranty and 4-Year Warranty Our professional support team will support you both during scanning and after scanning. Our experience is the best to help you

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