Super Sensor 8 Sensor is a special system that offers professional features of metal detecting. Up to 4 m penetration is compatible with all kinds of software and Windows NJN 8 Super Sensor special antenna. Explore small metal objects such as gold plates, coins, rings, jewelry and other metal objects hidden underground, and you can also work with the sensor in the tunnels and holes deep in the ground. Explore vertically and horizontally with this sensor deep inside the field, and automatically balance the sensor wherever you want to keep the sensor going and keep it moving and capturing images at the same time and scrolling twice with a button. Take the picture further and the chambers can be easily found with this antenna. It is also very difficult to find larger objects such as boxes, bunkers, pipes, chests, gold or silver bars and other deep-buried metal bodies or finding standard FGM antennas.
Due to integrated sensor technology, it also delivers high-resolution scans in hard soils or mineral areas. The Super Sensor is a 90cm vertical probe that makes it easy to work in difficult access areas and rough terrain. In addition, the Super Sensor (if you use 3D software) has the ability to seamlessly discriminate between ferrous and nonferrous metals. No other metal detector can use Super Sensors depth penetration. Discrimination control allows the user to eliminate unwanted items such as nails, cans or other trash. And automatically balances and eliminates particles automatically. Land recognition sensors allow you to land in any terrain or location. Become a ballerina and keep going
Warranty: 1 year Limited Dimensions: 90 9.9 x 9 cm
Sensor: High-resolution scans produce three directions and produce gravimetric and magnetometric form.
Traces: Specialist in metal target detection
Discrimination: Possibility of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and cavities in combination with 3D soft working both horizontally and vertically No other direction is important No matter where you can move with one click, use 1 direction in these sensors It is our 5 years of service and support to help you succeed

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