IMAGER 25000 Metal Detector

IMAGER 25000 Metal Detector

To explore different mountainous areas, dunes, minerals, lime, wet forest and …

Excellent condition , up to 30m depth , 2500m radius with automatic environmental filter

Very high resolution in reaching the target  , And there is also a unique Just Gold technique in this system where you can only search for gold  and Find the exact spot.

Ability to specify target metrics accurately .

The best treasure finder in the world with the best pulse pin pointer and the best video scanner in the world.

User manual cd help manual.

IMAGER 25000 Metal Detector

IMAGER 25000 Metal Detector

IMAGER 25000 Metal Detector Treasure Finder Features:

Resolution with all loops and sensors .

Pulse technology that enables accurate reaction in the separation and separation of metals.

Has a fully professional menu for professionals.

It has high speed and accuracy in sending and receiving pulses.

IMAGER 25000 Metal Detector features 25 – 45 waterproof discs, 1-in-1 universal, world-class 3D scanning technology, data processing on laptops.

DEEP CRUISE Metal Detector

Features 1cm gravimetric super sensor and superseded video sensor for video imaging
Balance ability with all areas without diminishing power and accuracy.

Manually and automatically remove 15 deep-croise tracker contamination items with 15-order filters
Power analysis of all metals and non-metals such as gold, silver, copper, copper, iron, cavitation and diamond.
Designed and built for all areas and conditions of soil and land.

It has a very strong separation for all metals (and non-metals) and a dedicated menu for gold separation.

Specify the target area accurately.

DEEP CRUISE Metal Detector

Scanning and filtering of targets to improve precision (3D).

Set the machine to full automatic and auto balance .

Of acid-sealed batteries by enhancing the power of the electronic circuit.

Able to remove contaminated soil particles and high balance power with all areas (mountain, forest, sand, etc.)

The ability to remove human and environmental contaminants (nuisance metals such as nails and spark plugs, etc.)

And many other options…

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