Jet Scan Products Table

In the table below you can see the full specifications of the Jet Scan products . All of these specifications have been thoroughly tested in a variety of situations, and have been verified by our top experts.

model Sensor NumSensor TeslaSensor TypeSensor SizeHorizontalVerticalsoundImagingPriceDepth
Z50150Magnetics50-+--360 $2-3 m
Z1001100Magnetics50-+--720 $3-4 m
Zw1002100Magnetics70-+--1440 $6 m
Z4v1004100Magnetics60+--+3140 $8 m
Z8v1008100Magnetics80++++6102 $13 m
Z16v10016100Magnetics100++++10770 $20 m
Z2001200Magnetics70-+--1260$5 m
Zw2002200Magnetics90-+--4487 $8 m
Z4v2004200Magnetics80++++5384 $12 m
Z8v2008200Magnetics90++++8975 $16 m
z16 v20016200Magnetics100++++16453 $25 m
Z16v30016300Magnetics90++++22750 $30 m
Z16v40016400Magnetics90++++38000 $40 m
Z.HV1002100Magnetics50+---2153 $8 m
Z.HV2002200Magnetics50+---4038 $15 m
ION.Z.1001100Yonic50-++-718 $4 m
ION.Z.2001200Yonic70-++-1346 $6 m
ION.Z.3001300Yonic90-++-1975 $8 m
ION.I.2001200Yonic70-+++3320 $10 m
ION.I.3001300Yonic90-+++3860 $12 m