SW Picture Model NJN

Underground imaging super sensor for hidden metals and cavities, tunnels and caves with two very powerful sensors and a dual intelligent driver to detect all data and process them underground in a fraction of a second scanned images of metals And the holes can be obtained at twice the resolution of a single sensor
New Product of FGM Electronics America Year of Manufacturing
Featuring two ultra-sophisticated sensors to detect all kinds of soils and layers of the earth and all kinds of sub-soil mismatches, hand-scanned images can be scanned at high resolution and processed at the same time as you receive them. As you move, you can see simulated data called live scanning at a depth of at least 2 meters and a maximum of 2 meters. Explore all areas of Iran, such as wet and humid limestone and mineral wetlands. One year free warranty and 1 year after-sales service. Our service is done well until your success
Super Sensor is a special antenna that offers professional metal detection features. Designed for professionals, this gradient sensor can hunt down all targets, including metals and non-metals, and the operator can easily see and understand all the information you can easily scan. Save yourself to infinity and then process images at home or elsewhere Removing annoying particles is one of the great advances of this system. You have a separate, separate particle removal driver in this gradiometer super sensor. Easily get rid of any annoying particles with high-resolution filters Auto Ness in this Super Sensor helps you get clearer, more simulated images of the goal Our after-sales service will help you reach your goal We will support you by the end of the job Free training and machine testing of tasks It is ours to give you for free

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