SX Picture Model NJN

Gradient and magnetometer with very strong sensor 2020
Work with automatic and manual scanning
Live scan and graph line scan
New Gradient Scan Mode to reduce operator errors and eliminate environmental noise
Features a separate menu for scanning live both in sensor mode and in T-batch mode, with 8 separate lines for quick area review.
Graphics menu Scan to work with tablets or laptops for linear and longitudinal scan of the area using a graph on the LCD of the system.
Digital sensitivity adjustment for automatic scanning and manual scanning of the line and pulse screens. Automatic scanning at the end of the line automatically and manually
3D scan with lip on the meter and 4 degree rotation in any case
Scan storage up to 2000 pulses per memory, with 1500 memory, capable of storing scan specifications (pulse number, sensitivity, gain, line count, …) per memory
No illumination with night light for night vision. Bluetooth communication with software in laptop
Bluetooth connection between sensor and unit.
Equipped with internal gyroscope handle to reduce operator errors.
Built-in battery with automatic charger for sensor and unit separately Indicates percentage of unit battery and super sensor separately on the lip
Multi-color light projected from a super sensor to work at night. Adjustable sensor key to further control operator while performing manual scan
Ultra-professional digital filter to eliminate annoying particle noise in the environment. With amplifier adjustable from 12 bits to 18 bits with stability.
The latest technology in the field of magnetometry and the use of original and tested parts. Represents all types of metals with separation and types of holes and chambers Tunnels Able to operate in all mountainous areas of damp, wet, wet, forest, mineral and lime and lime and solute 3 year warranty and 6 year free training and customer support By our own

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