Jet Scan z16 v200

z16 v200

  • Professional video and gradiometer capable of transmitting wireless data
  • Identification of soil types as enomat and types of metals, cavities and chambers
  • Vertical Function (Wall)
  • Featuring a super-standing sensor and a sleep video sensor
  • Scan the graph (perform metal or cavity testing on any suspicious line)
  • New Gradient Scan Mode to Reduce Operator Errors and Eliminate Environmental Noise, as well as the ability to scan in mild slopes and to be more sensitive to metals, especially soft metals in depth
  • With a digital compass to indicate magnetic poles
  • Horizontal and vertical capability of super sensor
  • Automatic scan
  • Manual scan
  • Voice scanning (with two distinct tones for metal and cavity)
  •  Multi-scan (One-point scanning and 4-in-memory automatic storage for a more detailed analysis)
  • Live scan
  • Digital sensitivity adjustment for automatic scanning and manual scanning
  • Line and pulse display. Automatic stop at the end of each line
  • Audio Scan with LCD Meter (Separate Number for Cavity and Metal)
  • Scan storage up to 2000 pulses per memory, with 15 memory, capable of storing scan specifications (pulse count, sensitivity, gain, line count, …) per memory
  • Press keyboard
  • Bluetooth communication with Visualizer software
  • Communication between Unity and Wireless Super Sensor
  • Gyroscope-equipped handle to adjust super sensor distance to ground level
  • Features a separate battery in super-sensor with 10 hours of continuous operation as well as a separate battery in unit
  • Indicates the percentage of unit battery and super sensor as well as the temperature of the sensor on the unit
  • Slope gauge under sensor for better night movement
  • Professional digital filter to remove noise and surface disturbing particles (high application in northern areas of the country)
  • Assembling by selecting the type of sensor from 2 sensors to 2 sensors (FGM of the most powerful companies and sensors in the world)

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