Jet Scan Zw200

Jet scan company with the most advanced manufacturer of instrumentation sensors for measuring deep and ancient environments and discovering hidden targets
The use of up-to-date and high-speed technology in this sensor makes them different from other products and products of other companies.
Smart measurement capability with the highest accuracy and minimum error
Highest resolution signal processing output
Ability to eliminate human error due to shaking hands and gait
Usable in 4 metering modes as Instant Scan and Search Scan as well as Scan for Instant Scan and Scan by Removing Instant Error Depending on the device.
The software is specialized, comprehensive and super powerful and easy to use
Depth analysis The most important methods of depth estimation methods
Analyze the soil type of the area in two ways, smart or manual, with the distinction of more than 30 soil types worldwide
Connect wirelessly to your tablet or computer
Easy to use multilingual touch interface
Portable and sturdy design, compact and lightweight
Ability to detect tunnel and chamber targets and scan target location and pinpoint
Ability to remove soil noise and minerals in an intelligent and urgent manner
Ability to edit scans and record precise scans
Ability to detect sensor sensitivity to region conditions
Provides intelligent reproducibility and ultimate environmental scan analysis
The sound quality is proportional to the received signal
Detect objects up to 2 meters deep in 2 cm models
The Grand Balance is quite smart and accurate
Continuous working hours from Power Bank or Lipstick
Manufactured by Jet Scan Company
Technology America

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